I grew up in a big family in a small town in rural Colorado. (How small? There were literally more books in my home than people in my town.)

After 18 years of growing up, I attended Brigham Young University and studied organ performance. During my freshman year, I met a cute boy named Mike, and we decided we liked each other a lot and got married in April 2005. Since then, Aaron (10), Maxwell (9), Bradley (7), Clark (4), and Ian (1) have decided to join the fun.

I've always liked reading, but it was after Aaron was born that I really started to love it. Amidst the joys of taking care of my sweet baby, I realized I was in a bit of an intellectual rut. Books got me out of it. Now, besides just reading for my own enjoyment and education, I love reading to my boys, who are as obsessed with books as I am.

Book taste: I consider myself a fairly eclectic reader with especial interest in picture books, middle-grade, historical fiction, realistic fiction, the classics, and non-fiction. I occasionally read fantasy, young adult, and mysteries.

Other interests: sewing, knitting, cleaning, exploring new places, and talking. I used to say I liked to cook, but Mike tells me I don't, so I leave the cooking for fun to him.

If you have a question or a book recommendation or a thought, feel free to email me: sunlitpages {at} gmail {dot} com

I am unable to accept e-books for review at this time. However, for other review requests, please contact me: sunlitpages {at} gmail {dot} com


  1. Right on! It's one of my most serious goals as a mother to make my daughter a bookie :)

    I don't cook much either. ;) My husband likes it much more than I do. I do however love making soups. Go figure. ;)

  2. Do you have a goodreads account? I’ve recently started listening to What should I read next and I feel like we have very similar taste in books so i’d Love to see what you are reading!

    1. Yes, you can find me on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/844731-amy


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