Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

Apr 28, 2012

I completely approve of this as the 2011 Newbery choice. So, so, so good! It reminded me a lot of Holes...the interweaving plots between two time periods and the final connections of seemingly unrelated characters. With so many details, I think it's hard to make them all fall into place in a realistic way without giving too much away too soon, but Clare Vanderpool really pulled it off.

I also loved the historical settings...WWI and the Great Depression. They were there adding interest without taking over the story. I can still picture the town of Manifest, and I laughed every time Abilene said she was going down the "path to Perdition." There were just so many clever elements and details and plot twists. Just really a good read!

I wrote this review before creating this blog.

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