Four Facts for Friday (4)

Nov 23, 2012

A fact about Thanksgiving: it was great. Check out this spread of pies:

A fact about my stress: I spent the evening frantically trying to finish a free calendar from Shutterfly. I finished, but I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be pleased with it when it comes in the mail.

A fact that I'm gloating over: I mailed my Christmas cards today. Yes, I did. See that stack of stamped envelopes sitting on the seat of my car? Last year, I felt like I saved too much for the week before Christmas (including Christmas cards). So I made a goal to be more on top of at least this one thing this year. And I did it! Pat on the back for me!

A fact about Christmas: I am super excited for it, but I have waaaaay too many projects I want to do. This blog might just be hijacked to showcase my craft and sewing projects instead of book reviews.


  1. Do I spy with my little eye a Parker, CO address??? Hooray! You are so good. I haven't even begun yet. Add a virtual pat on the back from me as well.

  2. I feel ya on the Shutterfly. Were you rushing to get the price deal that ended the same day?

    Mailed your cards? You go girl! Do you do regular or photo cards?

    Bring on the crafts!!!!

  3. I must say I was shocked and impressed to get your card so soon! Good work! And darling picture! I can't believe you got everyone looking and smiling at once!

  4. Oh and tell mike I agree- honeymaid is the ONLY way to go!


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