Four Facts for Friday (5)

Mar 29, 2013

A fact about our transportation: Remember how our car got run into? Well, while I was in Colorado with the boys, Mike found a good deal on a Honda Odyssey. It is far from new, but we love it anyway (we christened it Fern). Somehow it makes me feel more like a real mom, driving my van around with my three kids in the back.

Another fact about our transportation: Tonight I was going to go over to our church to practice the organ, but I couldn't get the doors on the van to unlock. For some reason, we can't open the locks with the key (either there used to be a different key for the locks or the locks were of those mysteries that comes with buying a used vehicle). Anyway, the battery on the van was dead, which was why the key fob wasn't unlocking it. The problem was we couldn't unlock the car so we couldn't open the hood so we couldn't hook up jumper cables so we couldn't restart the car. Urgh. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to (unsuccessfully) break into your own car. (I'm speaking for Mike here.)

A fact about my reading speed: Last month after reading my speed reading book, I said that by March I'd like to be reading 600 words per minute. Well, here it is March, and I am not reading that fast. Based on the book, it should be fairly easy to get up to 600 wpm. Based on my personality and obsessive compulsive habits (like rereading any sentence I don't understand), not so much. I'm still working on it, and I am faster, but I'm not as fast as I want to be.

A fact about our future: Things are starting to pick up and get a little bit exciting! After years of Mike being in school, graduation is finally on the horizon. This week, he had a job interview, and next week, he has another one. I've been waiting for these decisions for so long, and turns out, now that they're finally here, they are kind of stressful. (But mostly just exciting.)


  1. Oh cool, I didn't know you play organ! I'm a church pianist but haven't been able to work on organ much. I'm short, so I need to find an adjustable bench, haha.

    Congrats on the van!

    1. Yes, my degree is actually in organ performance...but I do very little performing these days, which suits me fine. :-) I'm short, too (5' 2"), which has always led to a lot of jokes about me not being able to reach the pedals or see my music. I just saw on your blog that you are a professional flutist. I love the flute and had some good friends in college who were flutists.

  2. Sorry about the keys! :)
    And exciting news about the future.

  3. Yay for him being done with school! And sorry about your car. That is crazy! Hopefully you were able to get it jumpstarted.


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