Four Facts for Friday (6)

Apr 12, 2013

A random fact about this Friday night: I have spent the evening reading Free Range Learning, eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and working on a blog post (not this one). It has been an almost silent evening, interrupted only by two phone calls from Mike (who is, as usual, spending the evening at school with his dissertation) and watching the welcome back song for the second season of Studio C.

A random fact about boys and bikes and hills: If you put those three factors together, they may or may not lead to injuries requiring stitches. They did for Aaron. Thankfully, his chin took the full brunt of the crash, and although it required two internal stitches and six external stitches to piece it back together, the rest of his body received nary a scratch.

A random fact about onions: I'm turning over a new leaf! I used to abhor onions in any form, but lately, I've started loving them, especially if they're slowly caramelized. (However, I still can't say that I enjoy them raw.)

A random fact about kindergarten: I've decided that preparing for your first child to go to kindergarten is about like preparing to have your first baby--you can prepare and plan all you want to, but there are some things that are simply impossible to know until you experience them for yourself.


  1. Caramelized onions are the best. YUM!

    I'm off to look up Free Range Learning.

  2. How are you liking Free Range Learning so far?

  3. Sorry to hear about Aaron's accident! That sounds awful.

  4. Soooo, I absolutely hate onions except for caramelized onions in fajitas or tasteless onions in soup. If they are crunchy or raw at all, I can't handle them. Glad I'm not the only one! And sorry about your son's accident. Glad he is OK!

  5. I love caramelized onions but I'm too impatient to make them myself. I cook with onions quite frequently but it's one of the things that is too strong for my taste with pregnancy so I don't even bother buying them right now. Poor boy and his stitches!! Hope he mends quickly.


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