When Books and Sewing Collide...

Jun 20, 2013

I think I've established the fact that I like to read. But did you know I also like to sew? It's true. I took private sewing lessons from the time I was 12 all the way to 18, and then I also took an intermediate sewing class in college even though it had absolutely nothing to do with my major. I know! Be impressed. (I wish that meant I actually sewed on a regular basis.)

Consequently, there are several sewing blogs I love to read, and my very most favorite one of those is No Big Dill. Wow, talk about talent and creativity that just sends my little jealous heart a-flutter! If I had even a pinky's worth of Katy's skills, I'd be ecstatic.

Anyway, as if her blog wasn't amazing enough as is, she also hosts a series called Once Upon a Thread where she, along with other guest bloggers, design a project based on a children's book.

Are you kidding me?

Here are just a few of the projects that have been featured:
When I look at these projects, I can't really say I aspire to copy them because they look sooooooo labor-intensive. However, they are definitely just a pleasure to gawk at, and they do provide me with a smidgen of ambition to go ahead and tackle a few (very simple) book-inspired projects of my own.

Right now, Once Upon a Thread is right in the middle of Chapter 4, so if any of these projects make you ooh and aah in amazement, you might want to keep an eye out for the rest of the posts as they come out. I know I definitely will!


  1. I am SO impressed that you have that much sewing training! My mom taught me to sew, and I was in 4-H for years, but I can hardly even sew a button on because I disliked it so much. Now I wish I'd tried harder to like it and learn more. Those projects are adorable!

  2. I reallly must learn to sew. My husband knows how.


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