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Sep 23, 2013

My baby is two today.

This is a new experience for me. Not the having-a-two-year-old part, but the he's-still-my-baby part. When Aaron turned two, Maxwell was my baby. And when Maxwell turned two, Bradley was my baby. But now, Bradley is two, and he's still my baby. I kind of love it.

I was just commenting to Mike the other night how I never in a million years would have expected such an angelic baby to become such a rambunctious, strong-willed, aggressive toddler. For his first six months of life, I hardly ever remembered I had three children because, awake or asleep, he was so good. Now, most days, I feel like I have at least four children because he has double the energy of a regular child.(Luckily, he wears himself out and usually takes a solid 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.)

But oh, we sure do love him. He makes up for his temper tantrums and dangerous antics by being super affectionate and cuddly. And he has the most diabolically cute smile.

Yesterday, we had a small family party for him. One of Bradley's favorite books is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. So Mike made him a Brown Bear, Brown Bear cake.

It turned out so cute, I decided (too late) that maybe I should have built a whole theme around Brown Bear, Brown Bear. But . . . if there's one thing to know about me, I guess it's that I have yet to throw any of my children a themed birthday party with 20 excited friends. I just don't have the desire and, so far, none of them have expressed any interest in such a party.

Bradley was plenty happy about the cake (he kept taking peeks at it in the fridge). And when my brother arrived and asked, "Whose birthday is it?" he happily exclaimed, "Brown Bear! Brown Bear!" even though he knew full well whose birthday it really was.

With my other boys, I made them superhero capes for their birthdays. Bradley has long been an admirer of the shiny capes and often steals one or the other to wear around the house.

It was time for him to join the ranks and get his own:

Honestly, I'm pretty sure all he really wanted for his birthday was to be just like his two older brothers, so I think he was more than satisfied (although he's still finding it hard to keep up . . . curse those short little legs).

I am totally smitten with that blonde little head of his.

Happy Birthday, Bradley! (Also known as Brad-i-lee, Braddle, Brablee, Zoom-Zoom, Hedge, the Menace, and Braddle-Addle)


  1. Happy Birthday Bradley!! I can not believe you are two years old already!! I LOVE the Brown Bear, Brown Bear cake that your daddy made for you...he is so talented. Give Mommy a big hug for me! Love you

  2. Oh my goodness, the cake is wonderful, I love it!!!! Happy birthday, Bradley!

  3. Aw! What a cutie he is :) That is an amazing cake - Mike is quite the cake artist! - and I love the superhero capes. I think I need one :)

    1. I will admit to trying out the capes myself first . . . you know, just to make sure the velcro fastens properly. :-)

  4. That's a great cake! Happy birthday to Bradley!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwww capes. I love it.
    And that cake! It's beautiful! So well done. Your hubs should post a "DIY Make Your Own Brown Bear" cake.
    I did a party for my daughter's first birthday and it was so stressful.
    I'm thinking it will just be family this year. :)

  6. I don't blame Bradley for wanting his own cape- I'm a little jealous of them myself. I think it's better to avoid the themed party. They never turn out quite like you envision. At least for me they don't- I guess I don't have a pink thumb, or something. And I agree, Mike should do his own post for the Brown Bear cake and start a pinning flurry:)

  7. That cake is amazing. And a happy birthday to little Bradley. Only the most awesome of people are born on September 23rd. :)


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