The Story of the Dragon and the Dinosaur - by Aaron

Oct 21, 2013

A few days ago, Aaron was reading Houndsley and Catina--a book about a dog and a cat who are best friends. Catina is a self-proclaimed author: "Every evening after dinner, she would make herself a cup of ginger tea and sit down to write another chapter in her book."

Her book contains seventy-four chapters.

Aaron read that sentence, and his mouth gaped open in amazement. Seventy-four chapters?!?! He had no idea a book was allowed to have so many chapters. Obviously, Catina must be quite the accomplished author to be able to write so many (ironically, she is not).

The next day, I found Aaron sitting at the table in the playroom. He had a large stack of blank paper on one side of him, and a pile of completed pages on the other.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Writing a chapter book."

By the looks of it, he had ambitions of surpassing Catina's mark of seventy-four.

I have to admit, I was intrigued. Ever since he started school, he has been much braver about spelling words on his own. But still, I had never seen him write so much in one sitting.

Each chapter consisted of a title and one sentence.

He petered out at chapter 10, and, like Catina, he had a rather difficult time keeping the plot going, but I love this first attempt at a novel.

For your reading pleasure, here are chapters 9 and 10 (with original spelling) of The Story of the Dragon and the Dinosaur:

Chapter 9
Verey Verey Verey Best Fres

then they became verey verey verey best fres.

Chapter 10
Verey Verey Verey Verey Best Frens

Then they wre verey verey verey verey best frens.

Since it seems there were only good things on the horizon for Dragon and Dinosaur's friendship (and a lot more "verys"), the story came to a happy and satisfying end.


  1. I love this verey verey verey much. :)

  2. Oh, so verey, verey verey cute! Hope you're saving that novel--it will provide lots of smiles in the future too!

  3. I love you Amy, and I hope that you know that you're a very very very good mom!!


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