Australia Top 10, Part 1

Nov 25, 2014

Within 24 hours of being here in Australia, we'd already gotten our money's worth. I mean that. In that short amount of time, we'd already seen enough to make this trip worth it. The days following have just been icing on the cake (and there's been a lot of icing).

Here are our top ten (through Monday morning):

1. Watching the sunrise over Manly Beach

We are staying with Mike's sister, Anne, and her family. They literally live across the street from Manly Beach. It's unreal. The morning after we flew in, jet lag woke us up at 4:30am. We took advantage of the extra hours to go on a walk around the beach.

2. Finding a water dragon

Every time we facetime with the boys, they want to know what animals we have seen. They were pretty excited about this water dragon we found on our first morning.

3. This view of Sydney

Pinch me.

4. Going from Manly to Sydney by way of ferry

Salty sea breezes, incredible views--what more could you want?

5. This tree in the Botanical Gardens

I believe it's a fig tree. I want it in my backyard.

6. Walking on this path through Hyde Park

The entire length of the path was shaded by a canopy of trees. So picturesque.

7. Paddy's Market

Perfect for satisfying our need to purchase souvenirs. 

8. Frozen yogurt in Chinatown

Following Anne's suggestion, we chose taro frozen yogurt, and we are still talking about it three days later (and popping in to check every other frozen yogurt shop we come across to see if they have the same flavor). It just hit the perfect sweet spot.

9. Hiking Palm Beach

A picture can't capture the beauty of this place.

10. Snorkeling at Shelly Beach

The water was the perfect temperature. We saw lots of fish. And no sharks. Win-win-win.

The more we see, the more we realize we could stay for a year and still not be able to see it all.


  1. Just incredible! You're making me miss Sydney. I loved our walk through the Botanical Garden too.


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