My Favorite Time of Year

Mar 24, 2015

Green is new
in spring. Shy.
Green peeks from buds,
trembles in the breeze.
Green floats through rain-dark trees,
and glows, mossy-soft, at my feet.
Green drips from tips of leaves
            onto Pup's nose.
In spring,
even the rain tastes Green.

--from Red Sings from Treetops by Joyce Sidman

Friday was the official first day of spring, and for once in Utah, it actually felt like it. My mom was here visiting, and I remarked to her, "This is what spring is supposed to be like."

The crocuses and daffodils and hyacinths are the welcoming committee. Many of the trees have already opened up their buds and are clouds of frothy white or pink. The air tingles with the scent of magnolia trees. The sky is blue. The temperature sits at a comfortable 70 degrees. My kids are playing tag in bare feet.

Mike bought a truckload of mulch on Friday and spent the weekend delivering it to all of the beds in our backyard and spreading it out over our empty garden plot. We haven't planted anything yet, but soon.

On Sunday I accompanied a couple as they sang a song entitled "How Can I Keep from Singing?" And honestly, as I walked over to the church to practice it with them ahead of time, I felt those words so powerfully. My heart was so full of gratitude for such an absolutely gorgeous day that I didn't know if I could keep it contained or if it would burst forth in careless abandon.

I'm telling you, sunshine on my face is good for my soul.

This week started out rainy, but I don't mind it one bit. How can you begrudge the very thing that is waking up the ground and giving sustenance to the new life that's opening up? I'm just so grateful it isn't snow. Rain feels as much a part of spring as the daffodils and sunshine. Like the poem above says, In spring / even the rain tastes Green.

I think spring is the time of year when I most wish I was a better photographer. I just want a way to capture and document the joy I feel inside. But my pictures never adequately express it, and neither do my words.

But even if I can't play it back for myself in perfect clarity, it doesn't really matter. Every year, it comes back, and I get to experience the wonder and magic all over again.

P.S. Do you love spring, too? Read my gushings from last year: Treasure Trove and The Princess in Our Front Yard. And tell me what you love best about this time of year!

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