Reading Aloud to Older Kids

Apr 29, 2015

I've mentioned before how much I treasure the time I spend reading aloud to my kids. It is the time of day I look forward to the most. They are calm and quiet as they snuggle up next to me, and we have enjoyed some of the best books together. I have every intention of continuing this tradition as they get older. There are so many more books I can't wait to read to them when they are a little more mature.

Not every parent shares my enthusiasm however. It seems like some are just biding their time, waiting for their children to become fluent readers so they can wean them off being read to. This breaks my heart, and I have to wonder why they're having a different experience than I am.

Today I'm over at What Do We Do All Day, making a case for why reading aloud to older kids is so important.

Read the post here: Why You Should Read Aloud to Older Kids

Do you read aloud to your fluent readers? Tell me why you do it!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Excellent article!
    We're in the same boat as far as ages of kids, and I really love reading to mine, as well. Partly it's a selfish reason. If I love a book, I can hardly wait to introduce them to it and be a part of their first experience with it. Books can change the landscape of your soul, and I want to be there for that.
    I agree with your other points in the article very much--the physical closeness, choosing books above their reading level, and adding to the family culture are all important reasons for me as well. Well said.

    1. "Books can change the landscape of your soul"--ooooh, I love that! And I totally agree with you. I read to my kids for selfish reasons also!!!


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