LibraryPages: Lost and Found

Jun 13, 2012

Have you ever lost a library item? Then maybe you can commiserate with this sad tale...

We do not own a lot of DVDs, so we usually check out a few me-approved, family-friendly shows each week. (I'm very picky about what I let my boys watch, but I do let them watch a little something every morning while I get ready for the day.) On one such week about eight months ago, among our other selections, we picked, Shaun the Sheep: One Giant Leap for Lambkind. I checked it out and stuck it in the library bag without a second thought.

That weekend we went on a little trip to the family cabin. I brought along a few DVDs so the boys would have something to watch in the car, but they chose other things instead of Shaun.

So it wasn't until we'd had it almost a week that I finally cracked its case. And when I did: EMPTY.

I was completely puzzled by this. Was it ever in the case? I always check the cases before checking them out, but I honestly couldn't remember if I had this time or not. Maybe the case didn't snap securely, and I'd lost it on the walk home, but it didn't seem likely. Maybe Aaron or Max had opened it when we got home, but I certainly never saw them.

I started with the most obvious answer and went back to the library. I asked them if the DVD was still there, but it wasn' least not in the files. I was bummed with disappointment since that meant it was fully my responsibility, but I didn't have the faintest idea where to look.

Nevertheless, I gave it my pluckiest effort: I  searched under the couches, coffee table, and entertainment center. I looked in the car. I asked Mike's mom to look at the cabin. I enlisted the help of Mike, Aaron, and Max, and we scoured the bedrooms and every possible and impossible corner and cranny.

I renewed it twice to prolong the chances of it miraculously turning up but finally admitted defeat and paid for it.

A couple weeks ago, we got "new" living room furniture (new being defined as someone else's old furniture). This included an armoire to replace our entertainment center. Mike lifted up our bulky, heavy, not-flat-screen TV, and there lying in the dust was a DVD, shiny side up.

Instantly my mind flashed back to October, and I knew without looking what would be on the other side.

Sure enough, there was Shaun the Sheep: One Giant Leap for Lambkind, which until that moment I'd never seen in living person but only in my dreams. At last I knew who the culprits had been, but it no longer really mattered.

Instead I said, "Well, look, kids! A three-year-old scratched up library DVD that is now our very own! Merry Christmas!"


  1. we accidentally broke a DVD it turns out my two year old at the time was VERY determined to get it out of the case and snapped it right in half. I knew I would have to pay at least $10 to the library so instead I looked it up on amazon and bought it for $.50 so after shipping it was still only a few bucks. I felt pretty clever turnung it back in.


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