Why I'm Dancing in the Kitchen

Jun 4, 2012

Have you heard of Mindy Gledhill?

I ask only because I'm so out of the loop when it comes to pop culture that I have absolutely no idea who is locally, nationally, or internationally famous. (It's one of my unique talents, along with eating too many chocolate chip cookies in one sitting.)

But back to the point: Have you heard of Mindy Gledhill?

Stephanie Nielson (the mom who was in the terrible plane crash) mentioned Mindy in her recent memoir, Heaven is Here. One day, while Stephanie was struggling through the frustration and pain and heartache of so vast a recovery, Mindy stopped by with her newest album. In Stephanie's own words:

[Mindy] told me how she'd been writing a song before our accident, but it just hadn't come together, so she'd put it aside for a while. Then, when she heard about what had happened to Christian and me and thought about how much our lives had changed, the words had come together.

After Stephanie heard the song, she said:

She had captured perfectly how I felt and just what I was going through... 

My curiosity was piqued. I checked out the album, "Anchor," from the library, and I skipped ahead to the song that was written with Stephanie in mind:
Then I went back to the first song and listened to the whole CD all the way through. I was hooked. I feel like anything I say will just sound trite or dumb, but I love every single song. I've listened to them over and over again. I dance around the kitchen to them. I get them stuck in my head.

Here's one more song by Mindy. I actually heard this one more than a year ago without realizing who it was. If you're a mom to boys, you will especially love it.

P.S. These songs both showcase Mindy's soft, lilting voice, but she has others that are fun and quirky and will make you want to show off your best, kitchen-worthy dance moves.

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