Four Facts for Friday

Jul 27, 2012

1. A random fact about myself: I have never dyed my hair;  furthermore, I have absolutely no desire to dye my hair. But if I start going grey before the age of 80? Yes, I will dye my hair.

2. A random fact about today: Mike is on his way to pick up the boys and me from Colorado (T-minus 6 hours and counting...). We are more than a little excited. 

3. A random fact about books: I am reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and am finding it completely fascinating. I seem to have some dim recollection of learning about HeLa cells in high school biology, but science is much more likely to stay with me if there's some sort of human interest connection. I assure you, I won't forget about HeLa cells again.

4. A random fact about my past: When I was a little girl, I thought the two most beautiful names in all the world were Katerina and Teodora. My tastes have since changed. I still think they're pretty names, but I wouldn't give them to my daughters. (Not that I've even had the chance, what with three boys and all...)


  1. Fun facts!
    I recently put a pink streak in my hair and I don't love it.

    Isn't it funny how our tastes in names change?
    When I was a kid I thought Christopher and Jennifer were like the best names ever.
    Needless to say, I did not name my daughter Jennifer. ;)

    Thanks for popping by Tales of Whimsy...

    I love your blog name btw.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment the other day on my blog! Very fun to meet another Utah blogger!

  3. Ha, when I was young I thought the names Jade and Sierra were so beautiful. Now I think they kinda sound like stripper names. Funny how our tastes change.


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