This is What Happens...

Jul 30, 2012

...when you leave for ten days and put your husband in charge of watering the flowers.

Here are the texts that were exchanged on the sixth day of my absence:

Me: Have you been remembering to water my flowers?
Mike: I'm happy to report that I did water them before you reminded me. But only barely. 

[Remember, at this point we'd been gone almost a full week with dry, 100-degree weather in the interim.]

Me (clarifying): So they've only been watered once?
Mike: Yes, but it was a really good watering.
Me: Well now water them every day.
Mike: Yes ma'am. They will look better than when you left. Maybe even changing to new colors and types.

I wish I had a before picture because I can assure you, they do not look better than when I left. In fact, I was quite proud of how lush and full the flowers looked two weeks ago since I usually have poor luck with keeping plants alive. Mike said that he actually was going to buy some new flowers and re-plant the pots before I got home, but none of the nearby grocery stores had any.

I can't blame Mike though. We have both come to rely on each other for remembering certain things. For example, he relies on me to remember names, birthdays, pregnancies, family activities, etc. I rely on him for technical information, how to get places, car maintenance, etc. It's one of the beauties of marriage: you work together and become one, and because of that, you don't have to remember as much!

And it's time away from each other, like this last little separation, that reminds us that we really do need each other, want each other, and love each other.

It's good to be home!

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  1. Awwww :)

    In our house the plant person is the hubby. I'm so bad at feeding things that can't remind me.


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