And I'm Back!

Sep 7, 2012

Our internet was finally installed yesterday, so I think it's safe to say that I am back to posting regularly. This move has been all-consuming, as moves always are, even when they're only a few blocks away, as ours was.

The house? We love it. LOVE IT. It is twice the space of our old place, and boy, do we feel it! I think my patience has doubled in the last two weeks because I feel like I can finally find a quiet place if I need a place to think...or, as the case may be, calm down. I can send my boys to the basement or outside, and the truth it, usually I don't even have to send them because they're already there! They are loving all the extra room as much as I am.

The neighborhood? So far, we like it. I'm not going to go so far as to say LOVE yet since we've been so busy unpacking and organizing and adjusting that we've met very few of our neighbors, and even the ones we have met, it has mostly just been in passing. So yes, time will tell. (Plus, the good news about only moving a few blocks away is that you basically stay in the same neighborhood, so we get to keep all our old familiar friends and activities). But one thing that I know I love already is the quiet street. I probably see the same number of cars during the entire day that I used to see in fifteen minutes. Even if we didn't have a fenced-in yard (which we do!), I'd probably be okay with letting my kids play outside.

The adjustment? It's been almost unobservable in the boys. Aaron asked to drive past our old house; I was happy to oblige, and that has been the extent of it. Other that that, they seem extremely content. And me? Even though I've unpacked about 93.5% of the boxes, I still feel like I have a looooong way to go with decorating and organizing. But we'll just take it one room at a time. First stop, the front room. We've already painted the wall of bookshelves, and now just have to fill them up with eye-appealing objects. Luckily I have two friends helping me, and they have a much more finely tuned interior-decorating sense than I do, so it may actually turn out looking, dare I go so far as to say, amazing! Only time will tell if I'm willing to post pictures!

There's something a little bit liberating about having almost no connection with the cyber-world (and I've definitely been very productive), but now I feel like I have a lot to catch up on!


  1. Very cool! Congrats. It is liberating. But after a few days, I tend to really miss it. Glad to have you back.

    1. I know! I was really missing it, too! Thanks for keeping up with me in my absence! :-)

  2. Congrats on the move and settling in--sounds like a lot of work that is really paying off. And isn't it funny how the extra space is quickly filled--soon you'll wonder how you ever did without it!

    This week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I made a small mention of your blog today. I know you're busy but didn't want to let it go unmentioned and you not know. xo

    1. Someone told me yesterday that they'd seen me mentioned on a blog as part of BBAW. Since I'm so new to blogging, I was so surprised to be mentioned. :-) But really, it made my day, and I appreciate you including me on your list!!


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