The Waiting Game

Sep 17, 2012

It is a personal mantra of mine to never be caught waiting without something to read. A few examples to illustrate:

If I'm going somewhere in the car, I always bring a book with me. This is true regardless of whether it's a 15-minute run to the store or a nine-hour trip to my parents' house. It's true. Just ask Mike.

However, as much as I love audio books, if I'm the one driving, I rarely listen to one in the car. I just get too distracted and engrossed in the story, so it's not safe.

I definitely bring a book to appointments where I'll have to do some waiting. (And if it's an appointment where I didn't bring my boys along, then I even hope I'll have to do some waiting so I can get in some good reading!)

But here is what I've discovered about waiting...

While I might hope to fill in all that empty time with a book, my expectations often go unfulfilled.

For example, when my kids are playing outside and all I'm doing is supervising, I grab my book in anticipation of some relaxing fun in the sun. Check out this picture:

See? Doesn't this just look heavenly? Me, stretched out in the soft grass with the warm sun resting on my back, lost in the world of a good story with the laughter of my children merely a delightful soundtrack in the background.

Well, guess what, folks? This photo was STAGED. 100%. My four-year-old took it. (It only took us about fifty tries to get one that wasn't blurry). And I didn't read a single word during that time. Instead, I was doing a lot of this:

(Pulling Bradley out of the dirt)

And this:
(Rescuing Bradley from the tree house.)
(We didn't get a clear version of this one. When working with a four-year-old, I have to take what I get.)

And, no, these photos were NOT staged.

But the good thing about me is that I never give up. Just this morning, the boys and I went to one of our favorite parks, the one that always proves to be uncrowded with plenty of shade. In a display of true optimism, I brought along a book. And guess what? I actually read five pages!! Not all at the same time, but hey, I think I'm making some progress.

Sorry, though, no photographic proof. The four-year-old was busy riding his scooter.

(I linked this post to Where in the World are You Reading?, hosted by Lisa.)


  1. Ha! That's why I adore audios. Kids a beautiful amazing time suckers. ;) But I feel you on the not being safe. Great post. I love that you don't give up and loved your pictures.

  2. Yes! I have yet to figure out how some moms get so much reading done with their kiddos around and wish they'd pass some of that on to me. Elle will be so content playing by herself until I settle down with a book (or cookbook, or computer, or craft or anything not related to her) and as soon as I'm comfy she wants what I have. Never fails.

    You're not the only one who wishes for a wait at the doctor's office to get some reading in. Now--if only I could convince my doctor not to pipe music into the exam room while I'm waiting! So obnoxious.

  3. I have to stage SO many pictures! I love that you showed the outtakes too.

  4. This post is ultra-adorable!!! Hey we take what we can get and read in snippets when we can. That's the way of moms, right?


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