One Page at a Time

Jan 17, 2014

Since the first of the year, my reading has slowed down significantly. I am trying to get through the rest of A Mind at a Time before my education group meets at the end of this month.

It is a great book, and I have learned so much from it, but it is a tedious read. I have been slowly inching my way through the pages. I've set a goal to read at least 5-10 pages daily so I'll be done in time, but even that sometimes seems overly ambitious.

Even though Dr. Levine shares many stories, the writing is also somewhat dense and technical. It's taking a lot of my brain power and concentration, which means it's not something I can usually read at night (when I'm super tired) or during the day (when I have kids distracting me). That is why it sometimes seems impossible to squeeze in even five pages of reading.

I'm anxious to finish though because I have several other books that I want to read. One of them is The Forgotten Garden. I've read all of twenty pages so far, and I know if I read anymore, I will get sucked in, and it will be good-bye to A Mind at a Time.

I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I read is to learn new things. So even when a book is a mite tedious, like this one, I force myself to continue because I can see the evidence of it enriching my life and stretching my mind. It is really rewarding to read a book where the pages don't slip effortlessly away and where I have to employ my mind to thinking and learning and understanding.

What about you? Do you sometimes force yourself to read denser books for the sake of learning, or do you strictly reserve reading as a form of escape?

And now, enough chit chat. It's nearly bedtime, and I've only read one page so far today!


  1. For learning's sake which, for me, is a nice escape. Right? Sounds like we're on the same page. Though I do like finding good juvenile fiction to share with the Littles just for fun.

  2. You might enjoy Light in the Wilderness by M. Catherine Thomas. It was definitely one of the most challenging, but rewarding and thought-provoking books I read last year.


    1. That sounds like a really interesting read! Thanks for the recommendation.

      Hmmm, if you were logged into your daughter's google account when you posted the comment, then it would show up with her name. That's the only thing I can figure out.

  3. What? My prior comment was just published as though it came from my daughter. Can someone comment on your blog with just her name, rather than from a specific "profile?"



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