Lucky Charms in All Its Glory

Mar 17, 2014

When I was a little girl, my mom never bought sugary cereal. She did this for at least three reasons: 1) Why would you want to start your day with a sugar crash? 2) It's expensive 3) It's never special if you have it every day.

The wisdom in that third reason revealed itself every time we went to visit my Gramazetta in Nebraska. Between visits, she stocked up on our favorite cereals (mine: Golden Grahams), and it was so exciting to see all the delectable choices lined up on top of her fridge when we arrived. One of my favorite discoveries was how yummy the milk tasted after Golden Grahams had sat in it for a few minutes.

(As an aside, I always joke that the only thing I did to rebel when I left home for the first time was to buy a box of Trix for breakfast. It was a big disappointment. All those years I'd been craving the stuff only to realize I actually hate fruity cereals.)

Anyway, I've tried to follow in my mom's footsteps, although I can tell I'm not as dedicated or strict as she was. For one thing, we eat cold cereal for breakfast almost every morning, so I know I'm not saving the kind of money she did. However, I do limit our choices to Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Chex, Grape Nuts, and some of the other more healthy choices.

So when we come to a day like today,  a minor holiday where we want to do something to celebrate but don't have the time to go all out, I can pull out the Lucky Charms, and voila!, I'm an awesome mom (at least to my kids).

(The picture isn't lying . . . it really was pitch dark outside when we were eating breakfast. That's how we roll, even when we don't have the excitement of Lucky Charms to wake us up.)


  1. I love the candles! How fun. Your boys will always have fond memories of St. Patrick's Day (and Lucky Charms!).

  2. Amy, we've always done birthday cereal. The birthday child gets to go to the store and pick any cereal they want. They have to share.

    One great thing about this is that when they're begging for some sugary cereal you can say, you can get that for your birthday, if you want. It kind of takes away the 'forbidden pleasure' status, but you still only have it rarely. I think holiday cereal works the same way!

  3. Didn’t you get to pick out a birthday cereal? Or did we start that after you left home? Maybe you just got to pick some homemade breakfast. Can’t quite remember. ~Mom
    P.S. Wish I had thought of Lucky Charms for St. Pat’s Day. Won’t work now though with the gluten free problem. Love the tablecloth and candles. I should have done that.

  4. I was just thinking yesterday that I should start a Lucky Charms tradition on St. Patrick's Day.

    For several Christmases in a row, we'd get a box of sugary cereal wrapped under the tree. It would be the last present, then we'd go eat it for breakfast.

  5. My mom rarely bought sugary cereal and never let us eat cereal at all before going to school since it doesn't give you much energy. While I never eat it for breakfast either, I love a bowl of sugary cereal as a bedtime snack. I haven't decided yet whether I'll let my kids have a lot of cereal, though. Probably not for breakfast.


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