One of My Favorite Christmas Scenes

Dec 25, 2015

But in the toe of the sock there was still something more. It was small and thin and hard. Almanzo couldn't imagine what it was. He pulled it out, and it was a jack-knife. It had four blades.

Almanzo yelled and yelled. He snapped all the blades open, sharp and shining, and he yelled,

"Alice, look! Look, Royal! Lookee, lookee my jack-knife! Looky my cap!"

Father's voice came out of the dark bedroom and said:

"Look at the clock."

They all looked at one another. Then Royal held up the candle and they looked at the tall clock. Its hands pointed to half past three.
--From Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

May your Christmas be just as joyful as Almanzo's (although, for your sake, I hope it doesn't start quite so early). Thank you for being such faithful readers of this little blog. It is a pleasure sharing and discussing books and reading and life with you. Merry, merry Christmas!

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  1. We loved Farmer Boy too. Such a wonderful scene you choice for today.


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