31 Days of #GrowingBookworms

Feb 4, 2016

Important announcement: Episode 3 of The Book Blab has been rescheduled for Friday, February 5th (that's tomorrow!). We're trying a new time, so you can watch us live (right here on the blog) at 9:30 AM Mountain Standard Time. Suzanne and I will be discussing reading goals, as well as sharing a couple of book recommendations. We hope you can join us! 

During the month of January, I participated in an Instagram challenge to photograph my kids reading in 31 different places. It was organized by Jodie at Growing Book By Book, and it was a lot of fun. I had the challenge list running through my head all month and kept books close at hand so that no matter where we were, we could get a picture if we found the perfect spot.

My kids were such good sports about it. During the last few days, Aaron even begged to be in all the remaining pictures because he felt like he hadn't been represented enough.

The challenge didn't receive a lot of participation, and I think I was the only one who actually finished it. My kids wanted to know if I was going to get a prize. I think they couldn't understand why I took something so seriously if there wasn't any external reward, but I am highly motivated by check marks, and for every day in January, I got one. That's reward enough for me.

Also, there's no way I'm going to go to all that work and not show off the photos in one place. So here you go:

 Day 1: Under the Covers

Day 2: In a Fort

 Day 3: At the Table

Day 4: On the Floor

 Day 5: In a Bedroom

Day 6: In the Car

Day 7: On the Go

 Day 8: At the Store

 Day 9: At the Library
 Day 10: At a Friend's House

Day 11: In a Chair

Day 12:  Outside

 Day 13: By the Fireplace

Day 14: Next to a Pet
Day 15: On an Errand

Day 16: At a Restaurant

Day 17: On a Blanket

Day 18: Somewhere Unusual

Day 19: Someplace Yellow

Day 20: On a Bench

Day 21: On a Couch

Day 22: Next to a Loved One

Day 23: On Public Transportation

Day 24: In the Bathroom

Day 25: Next to a Window

Day 26: By the Water

Day 27: A Place With Good Lighting

Day 28: In a Reading Nook

Day 29: Next to Food

Day 30: At the Bookstore

Day 31: In a Rocking Chair

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  1. I love those pictures of your kids reading! What a fun and cute challenge. :)

    Dena @ Batch of Books

  2. I didn't realise this was the challenge, I should of cause I caught some of your pics on instagram, thought they were terrific. Loved the shopping trolley one :-)
    I'd love to participate next time.

    1. Yes, I think you'd have a lot of fun with it, Erin!

  3. Those are great!

    You have a well stocked library. Mine doesn't even have crackers, let alone a produce section (Day 8) :-)

    1. Ha! Good catch! Yes, that would be quite the deluxe library. :-)

  4. I loved seeing your pictures every day. You should win a prize for completing the challenge! :-) Thanks so much for participating.

    1. Thanks for organizing it! I had so much fun!

  5. These are great pictures! Love this!


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