Katy and the Big Snow (a Guest Post on What Do We Do All Day)

Feb 25, 2016

Today I'm over at What Do We Do All Day sharing a favorite winter picture book and a sensory activity to go along with it.

From the post:
"One of our favorite spreads in [Katy and the Big Snow] is the map of Geoppolis. All of the buildings are numbered, and then, along the perimeter of the page, there's a closeup of each labeled building. It's one of those pictures you really have to stop and study for at least five minutes before moving on.

That picture was the inspiration for this fun, sensory-related extension activity. We decided to make our own city with various types of "snow" that Katy could dig her way out of."
To read the rest of the post and see just exactly how we made it snow, head on over to What Do We Do All Day. (And while you're over there, be sure to check out Erica's two most recent book lists: one for kids who love Roald Dahl and the other for kids who love The Chronicles of Narnia--I added a bunch of books to our future readaloud list.)

There was something really satisfying in seeing the realization of this activity because it was something I'd had in my head for a long time. Every time we read Katy and the Big Snow, I'd think, Wouldn't it be fun to create our own city, and if we did, what types of materials could we use for snow? My kids really took control of the project and were even more creative and excited (and, I admit, messy) than I imagined or hoped they would be. It was exactly the kind of activity we needed to get us through February.

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