Four Facts for Friday (2)

Aug 10, 2012

A random fact about this week: On Wednesday Mike and I saw Wicked at Salt Lake City's Capitol Theater. We've seen it before, but our seats this time were markedly better (I only had to use the binoculars occasionally instead of almost the entire duration of the play). We went with our good friends, and it was just the kind of evening out I needed (lots of talking, Cheesecake Factory, music I love, etc.).

A random fact about my past: When I was a student at BYU, I played the carillon (i.e., the bell tower). And because people always ask, no, not the hourly "Come, Come Ye Saints" chime, but yes, the mid-day concerts.

A random fact about my daily habits: I am an avid journal writer. I write in it every day, no exceptions (up to this point). I felt like I had to qualify that statement because you never know what the future holds, but up to this point even childbirth and mastitis have not kept me from writing every single day in the last...wait for it...12 years. Maybe someday I'll write a post explaining why I am so adamant about writing in it so religiously. Because, believe me, I have firm opinions on the matter.

A random fact about summer: I've been suffering through the 100-degree heat with everyone else, but every time I'm tempted to complain, I remember what it's like to put on socks, boots, coats, and mittens for three boys plus myself AND how much I hate the early darkness in the evenings, and then I step outside and revel in my bare feet and the sunshine.


  1. I'm envious of your journal writing. I discovered a fun journaling method on Pinterest--to have notecards for each day of the year but use the same notecard for every year. I think I got about two weeks in (and all this required was highlighting a daily detail or two!).

    Wicked is fantastic, isn't it?

  2. Oh I wanted to see wicked so much! I've seen it but Tim hasn't. Wow. Extremely impressive! Childbirth and mastitis definitely killed my 3 yr journal streak and I haven't gotten it going still! I can't wait to get to my parents air conditioned house! It's been so hot here and we have nothing but 2 little fans to try and cool the house for the day at night. I can't believe I missed last summer here where it only got above like 75 for 18 hrs!!!! I would have LOVED that!

  3. Not even mastitis? *high five* You are one strong mama!


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