Productivity Hindered

Aug 6, 2012

It is (not-so-surprisingly) difficult to write a blog post when:
  1. none of your three children will take a nap
  2. the ten-month-old finally falls asleep, and the four-year-old wakes him up
  3. the ten-month-old spirals into a vicious cycle of awake, asleep, awake, asleep
  4. the Internet dies...for the exact hour you had set aside for writing.
  5. the Olympics are on, and you want to see if Gabby Douglas will get a third gold medal (she won't).
  6. none of your three children will go to sleep for the night (are you catching a familiar theme? Something was definitely off today...)
  7. the two-year-old decides to get out of his bed every 2.5 minutes (which really has a way of disrupting flow of thought).
  8. in spite of taking away the beloved BYU blankie, the two-year-old continues to test his limits.
  9. you get an irresistible snack craving.
  10. the two-year-old begins crying and wailing, and that wakes up the 10-month-old, who also begins crying and wailing (oh, the joys of three boys in the same bedroom!). which point you look at the clock, see that it says 10:30pm, and give up for the night.

Sorry, folks, stay tuned for a book review tomorrow. And keep your fingers crossed that I'll actually be able to finish it!

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