Four Facts for Friday (3)

Aug 17, 2012

A random fact about yesterday: My younger brother got married! Okay, I guess that's not so random; it was well planned in advance. But, yes, it's a fact that he got married. And his bride, Meagan, was beautiful. She is amazing, and we love her so much. As for something a little more random, at the reception, Max spilled purple punch all over his pants and white shirt. (And this, after I told Mike I didn't think the purple punch was a good idea.)

Sealed in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple

A random fact about today: The boys and I went to our little music class this morning. (This weekly co-op has been so much fun for us! Every mom takes a turn teaching. We sing lots of old favorites, occasionally teach some new songs and add in lots of dancing and actions.)

EDIT: Slightly more exciting than music class, my brother and his wife had a baby boy tonight! His name is Charlie, and I cannot wait to hold him.

A random fact about tomorrow: In an effort to not move junk to our new place in a couple weeks, we're having a yard sale where we will attempt to pass off all said junk onto other people and make a little money in the process.

A random fact about my house: Between my family coming into town, the wedding, the yard sale, the impending move, and three small boys, my home has seen better days. I'm off to clean!

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