The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly

May 15, 2012

Thoroughly enjoyable. It provides a captivating glimpse of life at the turn of the century (that's the 20th century) for a 12-year-old girl...a girl who longs to be a naturalist when really the only "acceptable" careers for women (besides having a family and home) are teaching school or operating the telephone. Calpurnia's mentor comes in the form of her grandfather, who can't remember the names of any of her six brothers but loves taking Calpurnia with him on his explorations.

This book could have come off as being somewhat feminist (after all, Calpurnia doesn't really want a husband or family...she wants a life of her own), but it doesn't. Instead it just makes you recognize the blessings that have come to women in the last 100 years.

My only disappointment with the book was in the ending. I just felt like there wasn't really any change in the hope of Calpurnia's future, but I guess New Year's Day in a new century plus snow in Texas was supposed to provide the idea that Calpurnia's going to take the newness and run with it.

Overall, a book that I would highly recommend.

This review was written before the birth of this blog.

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