Persuasion by Jane Austen

May 15, 2012

I won't pretend like this book was easy for me to get through. Enjoyable? Yes. Worthwhile? Yes. Strong characters? Yes. But a big chunk of my reading time comes from snatching a spare minute here and a spare minute there, and Jane Austen's works are not the type that lend themselves well to chopped up reading. The old language and general style takes some time for me to get into, and by the time I'm back in my groove, the spare minute is usually over.

That said, Anne Elliot is truly one of my favorite heroines. She is opinionated, strong-willed, but in a much more subtle, kinder, more refined way than, say, Elizabeth Bennett (whom I also love, by the way).

This review was written before the birth of this blog.

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