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May 28, 2012

When it comes to money, I'm stingy. I could give examples (I don't want to pay $200/month for my son to go to preschool. I continue to wear clothes that are more than, eight...years old. I like driving around in a '94 Buick).

But when it comes to spending money on things of absolutely no value (preschool, clothes, and cars all hold some value), I get even stingier.

Library fines, for example. The only reason for me to have a library fine in the first place is because I was lazy...forgetful...irresponsible. It kills me to pay money for my own negligence.

So it is with much regret that I admit to accruing some fines for overdue items (for DVDs, no less, not even books...I'm paying to have my children watch the TV...fantastic...).

Luckily for me, our library lets you read down your fines. (Is this a service common to all libraries?) Since I read to my boys a lot, this works out to be easy-peasy for us (except that since we have to read at the library instead of in the comfort of our home, sometimes Bradley doesn't last for very long).

Anyway, last week, the boys and I read off $6 in fines. Just like that. And since we check out about 100 items per month, I figure that even if I have to pay $6 every six months, that's still a rip roarin' good deal.


  1. If you are interested in Robs cool autorenew program he wrote, just to avoid all my many fines, let me know. It is free for you and will save you money if you use it right.

  2. Haha. Man, I so agree. Library fines are the worst. And now they will be even worse when I think about that they're not even of any value. Blerg.


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